Phased Master Bathroom Remodel

Creating beautiful spaces can involve a number of steps. In this project, we used a phased approach to give the client a beautiful master bathroom within her budget.
Picture of Nathan Spearing

Nathan Spearing

Nathan is the owner of Transform NC.

My wife and I have completely remodeled four homes while living in them. We took our time and did things right and if we ran out of money we pressed the pause button. Once we were able to purchase the materials we needed, we picked up right where we left off.

When I started remodeling homes for clients, it was amazing to see how expensive it was when you also charged clients for the labor to do the job right. Many clients are surprised by the total cost. Sometimes we can reduce scope and find cheaper materials, but quality just costs more, and cheaper materials are often more difficult to work with and the end result isn’t as beautiful.

This particular client was on a fixed income but still wanted a dream master bathroom, so we came up with a plan to do the remodel in phases. It would take a little longer to get to the finish line, but she wouldn’t be disappointed by the results.

Phase 1: Shower Install

First we did a custom European-style shower for her using quality materials like the Schluter waterproofing membrane.

Phase 2: Flooring and Vanities

Six months later she called us back into to redo her tile flooring and install new vanities. Freestanding tubs and plumbing fixtures get a bit pricey, we helped determine the exact tub that would fit in her space and had the plumber prepare the water supply lines for each hook up. That way all the client had to do was give the plumber a ring when she was able to purchase the tub and fixture.
The final results took time, but the client got her dream bathroom!

See what she had to say about working with Transform by watching this video:

Rather than hire the wrong guy (low bidder) talk to us about how we can create your dream space in phases with every aspect done right.


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