In-person consultations

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    Our goal at Transform NC is to make the entire process of remodeling your home an enjoyable experience. We want to provide rooms and spaces that you can enjoy for decades with people that matter most to you. One crucial portion of this process is the in-person consultation.
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      Why the in-person consultation is important

      When you choose us as your general contractor, we take the time to work directly with you during every stage in your project.

      Whether your project is a bathroom remodel or an outdoor space, the in-person consultation is essential for helping us learn more about your dreams for your space and discover how we can make that a reality. During every consultation we:

      • Provide a 360º assessment of your home where we evaluate every important structural and mechanical system in your home.
      • Capture 3D scans and key measurements of the space so we can move straight into the design phase by creating floorplans and renderings.
      • Discuss your vision so we can learn how to build the space of your dreams.
      • Answer your questions about your home and the remodel process.

      How we prepare for the in-person consultation

      Before the consultation, our team takes the time to gather and review information from you like design inspiration, photos, and sketches. We also research the biography of your home—information such as the year it was built, square footage, and the building methods used in construction.

      When we arrive at the consultation, we are familiar with what you’ve told us about the project, and we have a high-level understanding of your home so that we can get right to work helping you plan your project.

      What to expect during the consultation

      Discussion of your vision for colors, materials, lighting, and finishes

      We believe that the home ought to be a place of life, enjoyment, and beauty. We want to learn about your design preferences so we can provide the best quality materials that will last a lifetime. If your project is a remodel, we want to learn how the space will fit in with other rooms so that your home feels complete and cohesive.

      Kitchen Remodel | Pinehurst, NC

      A 360º assessment of your home—interior and exterior

      A typical remodel will touch many of your home’s core systems, and we want to ensure that everything we do is designed for longevity. That’s why we provide a 360º assessment of your home—interior and exterior.

      Our clients often have questions about why certain parts of their home were built a certain way, as well as whether specific walls or structural elements can be removed or change. We take the time to explain these aspects of your home to you and provide solutions to make the space you desire.

      Assessing your home ensures a quality build.

      We assess aspects of your home that sometimes get overlooked in the excitement of planning a new space. As your contractor, we want to help you peel back the layers and understand everything about your house.

      The in-person consultation allows us to understand critical aspects of your home’s health that aren’t always visible. At every consultation, we investigate:

      • How does your home handle hot and cold temperatures?
      • How does your home handle humidity from outside air and when someone takes a shower?
      • Do the gutter and drainage systems efficiently redirect water away from your home? Poor water management is often the cause of exterior and interior damage to homes.
      • What is the condition of your home’s heating, ventilation, and cooling systems (HVAC)?
      • What is the condition of the gas, electrical, and plumbing systems?

      We want to provide you with a comprehensive picture of your home’s health, regardless of the scope of your project. This information enables us to design and build a space that is perfectly tailored to the unique characteristics of your home.

      Preparation for the design phase

      Before we leave, we take 3D scans of and measurements of all rooms and exterior areas that you intend to change. Capturing this information during the consult enables us to immediately move into the design phase by creating scaled floor plans and architectural renderings.

      Lastly, a member of our team will explain to you what the next steps look like for your project. We answer any outstanding questions you have about your home or the remodel process and provide detailed steps for how you can help us move your project forward.

      The in-person consultation: the first step toward a beautiful space

      The in-person consultation is a key step in designing and building a space that fits your life. By taking the time to conduct a thorough evaluation of your home, we can help you transform your home and create spaces that you can enjoy for decades to come.

      Ready to begin the transformation?

      Whether you are looking for a beautiful remodel or a dream build, we can help bring your vision to life. Contact us today to get started!